Bret Alan Hughes is a philosopher, author, and filmmaker—whose work experience is in computer graphics and whose Bachelor of Science is in aeronautical engineering. To help people understand their true sociopolitical situation, Bret created the website To help solve our dire sociopolitical situation, he created Constitution 2.0 (aka Bill of Rights 2.0) as well as the film Truth 2.0: JOIN, or DIE, for the Truth Movement. He has traveled widely—such as to Egypt, China, and throughout Europe—but lives in the city of his birth, Santa Barbara, California.
In the film industry, Bret has worked to improve the efficiency and capability of large computer graphics productions—such as for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, in Honolulu—by developing scripted tools, production standards, and automated systems. Working in Wellington, New Zealand, Bret was the pipeline engineering supervisor for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, which won three Oscars, or Academy Awards, for its visual effects. Legend has it that Bret obtained Excalibur in New Zealand.
To help people understand themselves within the temporal and physical context of the Universe, Bret wrote the book Wisdom in Perspective. It provides universal perspectives to yield ultimate wisdom. It answers many of the big questions in life, including some of the most difficult questions in philosophy, such as what human consciousness is and what the fundamental basis of life is.

Updated on January 6th, 2014