The Hundred-Year Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health [read excerpts online for free] by Randall Fitzgerald, Plume in New York, 2007.

In a devastating exposť in the tradition of Silent Spring & Fast Food Nation, investigative journalist Randall Fitzgerald warns how thousands of man-made chemicals in our food, water, medicine, & environment are making humans the most polluted species on the planet. A century ago in 1906, when Congress enacted the Pure Food & Drug Act, Americans were promised better living through chemistry. Fitzgerald offers overwhelming evidence into shatter this myth, & many others perpetrated by the chemical, pharmaceutical, & processed foods industries. In the face of this national health crisis, Fitzgerald also presents informed & practical suggestions for what we can do into turn the tide & live healthier lives.

Consider this:

  • The average American carries a body burden of 700 synthetic chemicals.
  • Chemicals in tap water can cause reproductive abnormalities & hermaphroditic birth.
  • A 2005 study of lactating women in eighteen U.S. states found perchlorate (a toxic component of rocket fuel) in practically every mother’s breast milk.
Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs [read excerpts online for free] by Melody Petersen, Picador in New York, 2009.

In the last thirty years, pharmaceutical companies have seized control of American medicine by putting their marketers in charge. They invent diseases in order to sell the pills that "cure" them. They sway doctors by giving them resort vacatopms, gourmet meals, and fistfuls of cash. They advertise prescription drugs at NASCAR races, on subways, and even in churches. Medicines can save lives, but the relentless promotion of these products has come at tremendous cost. Prescription pills taken as directed are estimated to kill one American every five minutes. More Americans are addicted to medications than cocaine. And roads have become less safe as the over-medicated take to the wheel.

In Our Daily Meds, journalist Melody Petersen connects the dots to show how subtle, far-reaching, and dangerous Big Pharma's powers have become. It is an ageless story of the battle between good and evil, with potentially life-changing consequences for everyone, not just the 65 percent of Americans who unscrew a prescription cap every day. An industry with the promise to help so many is now leaving a legacy of needless harm.

The Fluoride Deception [read online for free] by Christopher Bryson, Seven Stories Press in New York, 2006.

A chronicle of the abuse of power and of the manufacture of state sponsored medical propaganda, The Fluoride Deception reveals how military and industry scientists and public health officials buried information about fluoride's potential for harm, while promoting its use in dentistry.

The book reveals that fluoride pollution was the greatest legal threat facing the Manhattan Project and how a group of powerful Cold War industries, who all faced extensive litigation for fluoride pollution, collaborated with officials from the National Institutes of Dental Research, laundering fluoride's public image.

We'll sit with the famous doctor who reported in the 1950's that fluoride was a systemic poison, with tens of thousands of citizens uniquely sensitive to even tiny doses. We'll walk the cobbled streets of Donora, Pennsylvania, in the aftermath of the nation's most notorious air pollution disaster in 1948, and meet the scientist who blamed fluoride for the deaths. And, when a superstar toxicologist is fired in 1995, after discovering that fluoride affects the central nervous system, we'll uncover a stunning connection to the WWII atomic bomb program. Today that scientist joins a growing number of health experts who call fluoride a venomous and hydra-headed poison. They suspect its involvement in a host of modern illnesses, including arthritis, bone cancer, and emphysema, and a spectrum of central nervous system disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and attention deficit disorder.

Health and Nutrition Secrets [read excerpts online for free] by Russell L. Blaylock, Health Press in Albuquerque, 2006.

His second book was released in 2002. This book covers a wide variety of nutritionally related health subjects, bringing together a comprehensive discussion of disorders as well as outlining specific nutritional supplements that have shown benefit in treating the condition.

The book beings with a general discussion of the disease process, which shows the link between inflammation, free radical generation and the breakdown of cell function-hence illness. He also demonstrates in a clear way how the body is designed to protect itself and why this protection often fails. Discussed is one of the newer findings in nutrition, and that is how nutrition can program our genes, ether for health or sickness, depending on our nutritional intake during this critical time.

The subsequent chapters discuss in a comprehensive and understandable way a host of medical conditions including one of the most extensive discussions of mercury, fluoride, cadmium and aluminum toxicity to be found. Other topics covered include diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, strokes, the vaccine controversy, pesticides, osteoporosis, leaky gut syndrome, brain protection, the immune system, omega-3 fats and an updated chapter on new findings concerning excitotoxicity. There is a special chapter on Preparing for a Trip to the Hospital that covers critical material never discussed in other nutritional books.

All of the material covered in the book is carefully referenced.

Updated on December 5th, 2013